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Deloitte: Five Main Obstacles to Blockchain’s Mass Adoption

DELOITTE, an audit and consulting firm, has outlined the main areas for blockchain development, if it wants to be mass adopted and to rule the industry.   So, in order to be adopted massively, the blockchain technology has to overcome some major obstacles: Time consuming operations Lack of standardization High costs Blockchain apps complexity Collaboration

Sixfold Increase of Blockchain Based Companies in China

After China has banned cryptocurrency and ICOs, it turned to the blockchain technology. Despite all kinds of cryptocoins were announced as a threat to the national currency and were banned, the blockchain technology is regarded as the future of businesses and an opportunity to move the businesses of the country on a complete new level.

Digital Advertising Fraud – Can Blockchain Help?

Digital advertising is a relatively new way to earn money, via views. Though, where there is a way to get money, there are cases of fraudulent behaviour. In this case, the number of views has been artificially increased with the application of bots. CoinClear, the company that powers the buying and selling of media in

Blockchain Technology in Simple Words

Blockchain Technology – the New Internet? The blockchain is a great inventio, which can be not just used in all fields of life, but to change the way the human world functions. This is the invention of Satoshi Nakamoto, a person or a group of people, somebody that is a mystery till now. Initially, it

Blockchain Dating? – Why not!

Viola Al, the first virtual dating and relationship marketplace is introduced in the market! Based on the combined idea of the blockchain, artificial intelligence and smart contracts, Viola is going to change the dating space in the entire world. This will be the first A.I. that will be developing customized solutions in close interaction with