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Is Tron Going to Partner with Baidu from China?

Tron, the team of cryptocurrency project, is reportedly partnered with the largest search engine of China, Baidu. For now, neither Baidu nor Tron confirmed the partnership, but there are rumors that it will be revealed officially the next week in the cloud of Baidu. Coinness claims that Tron has already officially confirmed their partnership with

Will China Launch the Own Crypto-Currency?

The Chinese government is considering the launching of the own stablecoin, which will be yena-backed. This should happen despite the ban on all cryptocurrencies that was imposed in the country in October previous year. A specialist from the People`s Bank of China write an article about the digital stable coins, where he provided reviews of

China Keeps Trading Crypto: Tether and VPNs Are Involved

China has imposed a ban on all cryptocurrencies a time ago, but who wats will find a way. Chinese traders continue participating in trading activities connected with crypto. How? They use virtual private networks. And they have started leveraging Tether coin as a means of entering and e Now traders can use a platform that

Insurance Giant from China Will Apply Blockchain Technology

The insurance giant from China, the People`s Insurance Company of China (PICC) will apply the blockchain technology. The company has made a partnership with a platform called VeChain, and DNV GL, which is a global quality assurance and risk management company. The target of the new partnership is not only to make the business more

Insurance Giant from China Advocates Blockchain

AI, a huge Chinese company working with big data and cloud computing advocates the blockchain technology in the newly released white paper “White Paper on Small Cities”. The company was ranked as the third most important global financial company, so, their opinion matters. The government of the recently released white paper is to create a