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CFTC Commissioner Brian Quintenz Believes a Crypto Self-Regulatory Organization Is Needed

The USA Commodity and Futures Trading Commission Commissioner called Brian Quintenz has made a very unusual suggestion. He believes, that cryptocurrency industry should take care of their regulation on its own. It should create, he believes, a self-regulatory body. This remark was made on the 12th February and now it went viral. The commissioner believes,

Now It is Much Easier for US Customers to File Crypto Taxes after Coinbase Integrates TurboTax

Coinbase, the American cryptocurrency and wallet service, has teamed up with Intuit Consumer Tax Group to integrate the latter’s popular software TurboTax. This will greatly facilitate Coinbase and Coinbase Pro customers in the US the process of claiming crypto trades on their taxes. Coinbase customers can upload as many as 100 transactions at once. The

Anonymous Cryptocurrency Selling and Buying in the Netherlands is over: License Required

The Minister of Finance if the Netherlands Pete Hoekstra has received a notice about the need to introduce an official licensing system for cryptocurrencies operations. This has been reported by Dutch media source Nederlandse Omroep Stitching on the 18th of January. Previously, the Minister requested an advice from the Netherland`s Authority for Financial Markets and

Is Tron Going to Partner with Baidu from China?

Tron, the team of cryptocurrency project, is reportedly partnered with the largest search engine of China, Baidu. For now, neither Baidu nor Tron confirmed the partnership, but there are rumors that it will be revealed officially the next week in the cloud of Baidu. Coinness claims that Tron has already officially confirmed their partnership with