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International Bankers Believe, that Cryptocurrency Poses no Danger to Financial Stability

International banks representatives and other financial officials believe that there are no risks to financial systems connected with cryptocurrency. As well, according to their opinion, cryptocurrency doesn’t pose any danger to a financial system of any country. On the contrary, the FSB, an international agency that consists of 68 local institutions, regulators, ministries of finance

Mongolia: Central Bank and the First Digital Currency

The largest telecom operator in Mongolia has received the license to issue its own digital currency. Mobifinance, which is a financial arm of Mobicom, is going to issue its own cryptocurrency, dubbed Candy, to investors. The bank executives have received the permission from the Central Bank of Mongolia. The bank and the company representatives believe,

Google Is Going to Reverse Crypto Ad Ban for Some Exchanges

Google, the USA tech giant, is going to introduce some updates in the ad policy accepted in October previous year, in particular, policy regarding the ads about cryptocurrency and all related topics. The company made an official announcement about it on the 25th of September. Now, Google will allow some exchanges that have all proper

Ukrainian Parliament Offers Tax Bill for Cryptocurrencies

The parliament of Ukraine, called the The Verkhovna Rada, has proposed a tax bill on cryptocurrencies. The bill was initiated by 23 officials and is suggesting a tax of 5% on individuals and legal entities that perform any kind of operations with cryptocurrencies. However, the tax rate should increase form the 1st of January 2014,

Venezuela’s Petro: a Smokescreen to Hide Problems

The national cryptocurrency of Venezuela which is the only country in the world that is backed up by a physical asset, in this case, was supposed to solve the situation in the country and bring prosperity to its population. However, this happened to be different. Many experts from the very start have suspected, that the