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Tether`s Double-Spending Vulnerability Is not of Tether

SlowMist, the China based cybersecurity firm, confirmed, that the vulnerability detected in the Tether system, isn’t the one of Tether. It depends on some cryptoexchanges databases, which don’t take enough measures to verify the status of the “valid” parameter when there is an incoming transaction. SlowMist was the firm that detected the vulnerability and announced

German SolarisBank Is Going to Serve the Blockchain

SolarisBank, located in Germany, announced, that it is going to serve the blockchain and the cryptocurrency companies. This news was announced on the 28th of June 2018. The SolarisBank is offering its clients around the world so-called blockchain company account, that can be opened even in fiat currencies. The mentioned accounts are meant to serve

Switzerland Creates Working Group to Help Blockchain Companies to Open a Bank Account

Heinz Taennler, the financial director of Zug, has called the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) to create a special working group that should help the blockchain companies in registering the bank account in the banks of Switzerland. The blockchain companies have faced a number of difficulties while opening the bank account in Switzerland. That’s why, Taennler

Facebook Will not Ban Crypto-Ads, Just ICOs

Facebook is going to make crypto-companies happier by updating its policy about cryptocurrency ads. Now, the famous and one of the most popular social networks will allow cryptocurrency ads, however, ICOs ads will still be banned. This announcement was published on the 26th of June 2018. According to the facebook administration, the have been checking