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Indian Bank Closes Account Because of Crypto-Activity Report

The first digital bank of India, Digibank, closes account due to crypto-related activities. This news became available in Twitter, in a tweet posted by a user with nickname Indian CryptoGirl. The same user has recently made several posts in connection with restrictions imposed on all account holders by another Indian bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank. This

Brazil Antitrust Agency Launches Testing Regarding Cryptocurrency Trade: Major Banks Involved

The antitrust regulator of Brazil is inspecting six major banks for monopolistic practices in the field of cryptocurrency. The antitrust regulator, the Administrative Council for Economic Defense has launched a probe to find out whether the largest banks in the country have closed the accounts of brokerages working with bitcoin. The investigation was launched based

Ripple Would Launch xRapid Solution

Ripple could launch a commercial version of its payment platform xRapid within the next month. Ripple has making efforts now toward the launch of the platform, as it is reported by the head of regulatory relations for Asia-Pacific and the Middle East at Ripple Sagar Sarbhai. The xRapid is a real time payments settlement platform

OKCoin Will Trade in 20 More USA States

OKCoin is a digital currency exchange that is operating in the USA now. On the 12th of September, it announced, that it expands its activities to 20 states more. Now, the exchange will be able to offer its services to the customer living in Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan,

China Keeps Trading Crypto: Tether and VPNs Are Involved

China has imposed a ban on all cryptocurrencies a time ago, but who wats will find a way. Chinese traders continue participating in trading activities connected with crypto. How? They use virtual private networks. And they have started leveraging Tether coin as a means of entering and e Now traders can use a platform that