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Ethereum is Losing its Influence in the Crypto Ecosystem

The Ethereum network, once considered the successor of Bitcoin, is losing ground to new networks. Founded in 2015, Ethereum has provided a platform for developer to create decentralized apps (DApps), launch initial coin offerings (ICOs), and write smart contracts. But now, developers are switching to other projects. Newwer platforms like EOS, Tron, and Stellar are

Switzerland is Set to Regulate Cryptocurrencies

The Swiss Federal Assembly has approved a motion that aims at regulating cryptocurrencies .The motion seeks to instruct the Federal Council to make changes to current legislation in order to implement cryptocurrency regulation. The Swiss Federal Assembly is the legislative branch of the Swiss government. It was Giovanni Merlini, a Liberal member of the Assembly,

Will China Launch the Own Crypto-Currency?

The Chinese government is considering the launching of the own stablecoin, which will be yena-backed. This should happen despite the ban on all cryptocurrencies that was imposed in the country in October previous year. A specialist from the People`s Bank of China write an article about the digital stable coins, where he provided reviews of

Circle Buys Crowdfunding Platform of SeedInvest

Circle Internet Financial Ltd is a cryptocurrency company. It has acquired recently the equity crowdfunding platform and a broker-dealer SeedInvest. The official announcement was published on the 5th of October. However, the exact time of the purchase was not announced. The New York based company SeedInvest was founded in 2012, it has the status of