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Will China Launch the Own Crypto-Currency?

The Chinese government is considering the launching of the own stablecoin, which will be yena-backed. This should happen despite the ban on all cryptocurrencies that was imposed in the country in October previous year. A specialist from the People`s Bank of China write an article about the digital stable coins, where he provided reviews of

Circle Buys Crowdfunding Platform of SeedInvest

Circle Internet Financial Ltd is a cryptocurrency company. It has acquired recently the equity crowdfunding platform and a broker-dealer SeedInvest. The official announcement was published on the 5th of October. However, the exact time of the purchase was not announced. The New York based company SeedInvest was founded in 2012, it has the status of

xRapid Payment Solution from Ripple Works Now

xRapid, the Ripple real-time payment platform is now available. The company made an announcement on the 1st of October 2018. xRapid is aimed at the speeding of international payments without the application of pre-funded accounts. The product is based on the XRP currency and is intended to make transactions significantly faster and cheaper. The pilot

Mongolia: Central Bank and the First Digital Currency

The largest telecom operator in Mongolia has received the license to issue its own digital currency. Mobifinance, which is a financial arm of Mobicom, is going to issue its own cryptocurrency, dubbed Candy, to investors. The bank executives have received the permission from the Central Bank of Mongolia. The bank and the company representatives believe,

Hublot Will Sell New Model only for Bitcoins

The new watch model called Big Bang Blockchain was designed by a Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot. The official announcement was published on the 19th of September. The model was designed to commemorate the 10th Bitcoin anniversary. This edition is limited to 210 pieces and can be purchased for bitcoins only. the number of models

Ukrainian Parliament Offers Tax Bill for Cryptocurrencies

The parliament of Ukraine, called the The Verkhovna Rada, has proposed a tax bill on cryptocurrencies. The bill was initiated by 23 officials and is suggesting a tax of 5% on individuals and legal entities that perform any kind of operations with cryptocurrencies. However, the tax rate should increase form the 1st of January 2014,