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After a Long Wait, Overstock’s tZERO Security Token Platform Has Been Launched for Live Trading

Many have been anticipating this event, and now it has finally happened; Overstock.com’s security token trading platform, tZERO, officially began live trading on the afternoon of January 24. This paves the road for the trading of other digital assets on this platform. According to a press release announcing this news, accredited investors can trade tZERO

Litecoin Transactions via Telegram Messenger Are Available

Now, Litecoin transactions are available via encrypted messenger app Telegram. The new feature was developed by a blockchain startup Zulu Republic. The firm is based in Switzerland and is specializing on developing of decentralized apps for businesses and not only. The new feature gives the litecoin holders an option to use litecoin services via an

Cryptocurrency Regulation in Germany Will Focus on Market Stability, not on the Individual Interests

Felix Hufeld, the president of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority in Germany, explained the main principles which have become the base for the cryptocurrency regulation in this country. The main role of the legislation isn’t the protection of individual investors, but in the protection of the market stability. The investors, even the biggest ones, shall

Parity Technologies Issues Urgent Updates: Vulnerability Detected!

Parity Technologies issues urgent updates after warnings about the testnet vulnerability, which could spread to the entire Ethereum network. Parity is the UK provider of software infrastructure for Ethereum network. In the blog post, the company informed about security problems with Parity Ethereum. Users whose systems are affected will see their transactions fall out from

Stock Market – What`s Happening There?

  Since January 2016, the stock market has shown the worst result during this week. Just over this week, US stocks fell for about 6%, European stocks – for about 4%. The cryptocurrency market showed a decline, as well, with bitcoin drop for about 35%. There are reasons to believe, that stock market dropped because

Venezuela and Petro: They Just Need Money

Nicolas Maduro, the President of Venezuela, has declared that he has found the solution for the crisis in Venezuela: the release of the national cryptocurrency backed up with oil. One coin for the price of one barrel! Though, many opposition parties and just users believe that the reasons behind Petro release are very simple: the

Petro Pre-Sale. News from Venezuela

Pre-sale of the first oil-backed cryptocurrency started! 82,5 mln Petro can be bought since the 20th of February, they can be bought for fiat money and other cryptocurrencies, BUT not for Venezuelan Bolivar. Why so? The government claims that it is going to attract foreign investors from Europe and the USA. The president hoped to