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Top Ethereum Decentralized Apps Can Be Blocked

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet and an Ethereum decentralized app. Now, it has blocked one of the most popular app for Ethereum, called 333ETH. The app promises lifeling payments in ethers to all investor wallets after they make an initial down payment. Now, the announcement and the app have attracted a number of scam accusations.

Ethereum Proof-of-Authority Algorithm from Windows

The new algorithm introduced for ethereum by Windows, will supposedly allow building decentralized apps (DApps) more efficiently. Moreover, they will enable creating consortium networks where all participants are known. A proof-of-work protocol already exists in Azure, but the new proof-of-authority protocol is based on a different principle: the principle of approved identities in the blockchain.

Ethereum scam Bots on Twitter: Be Careful!

Elon Musk, a billionaire entrepreneur and engineer, has paid a special attention to scam bots that are becoming more popular on Twitter and are used to steal Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies from users. Vitalik Buterin has already reacted to the message, addressing his suggestion to the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey with a request to take

Ethereum Vulnerability Results in Hack: 20 mln USD Stolen

Misconfigured Ethereum clients – this vulnerability has been exploited to steal from Ethereum network the sum equivalent to 20 mln USD. The hackers configured the network interface to expose a remote procedure call (RPC), which allows third parties to access the private keys and information of the clients. Most apps disable this interface by default,

Parity Technologies Issues Urgent Updates: Vulnerability Detected!

Parity Technologies issues urgent updates after warnings about the testnet vulnerability, which could spread to the entire Ethereum network. Parity is the UK provider of software infrastructure for Ethereum network. In the blog post, the company informed about security problems with Parity Ethereum. Users whose systems are affected will see their transactions fall out from

Hyperledger Exec and Its Influence on Tech Giants

The Hyperledger director Brian Behlendorf insists that the blockchain technology is expected to perform a huge influence on the tech giants from Silicon Valley, such as Google, for example. The new way of technological development will not be shaped by Silicon Valley companies, but by a new technology. The smartest and the biggest companies, like