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Ethereum: New Hard Fork Coordinator Wanted

A new hard fork coordinator is wanted by the core developers in the Ethereum community. This after the former coordinator, Afri Schoedon, quit the open-source project. A specialist is sought to take his place. In February, Afri Schoedon took to social media to praise another blockchain project called Polkadot. Many Ethereum developers questioned the loyalty

Ethereum Hard Fork Has Consensus Issues during Testing

The planned hard fork of Ethereum, called Constantinople, has shown to be unusable. The Tweet was shared by the blockchain infrastructure company called Infura. The tweet also advises developers to use different testing networks, while the Ethereum community is investigating the issue. The hard fork became active on the Ropsten testnet on the 13th of

Sergey Brin Is an Ethereum Miner

A Google co-founder has something to tell: he has revealed, that he is an Ethereum miner. He shared this during the Blockchain summit that took place in Morocco on the 8th of July. Brin now takes the position of the President of Alphabet, which is a Google parent company. The company was founded in 2015

Ethereum Casper Update Released

A new version of Casper code is released on the 8th of May. Casper is a planned improvement project for Ethereum network consensus protocol. This Tuesday, Danny Ryan, one of the developers of Casper, posted the first release of the Casper code on github. Those updates shall help clients and auditors to track contracts and

What is Smart Contract in Simple Words

The blockchain has changed many fields of life, including the financial field. The blockchain is decentralized, it doesn’t need intermediaries. Fees for transactions inside of the blockchain are very low comparing to other systems. Blockchain has its issues but they are so insignificant comparing to its advantages, that is why the network attracts attention of

What is Ethereum? Ethereum in Simple Words

Ethereum is the second popular cryptocurrency in the world, after bitcoin. If Ethereum can be called a currency. Ethereum is not just a cryptocurrency itself, it allows many other cryptocurrencies be developed and exist. Though, some more words about what Ethereum is, how it works and why we may need it. Ethereum and Bitcoin: Similar

Bitcoin Private Keys Are In Danger!

Bitcoin private key can be compared with an ID, you give it to send money. Hence, if somebody knows your private key, this somebody can manage your account like you would do, for example. Hence, private keys are rather complex and they aren’t so easy to decode, which is actually the main pride of bitcoin