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Bermuda: First ICO will be Released

The government of Bermuda has approved the release of the first ICO under the new islands regulation about cryptocurrency and the blockchain businesses. The Minister of National security Wayne Gaines announced, that Uula, a fintech company, is the one that got a certification by Bermuda government. In July, there was introduced a new ICOs regulation

Study Results: more than 80% of ICOs Were Scams

Advisory firm Static Group revealed the results of their recent research on ICOs. According to the results, more than 80% of the ICOs for 2017 were nothing more but scams. Within the study, it was researched the life of ICOs, starting from the ICO sale and up to the acceptance of the ICO by a

Nasdaq CEO Believes, ICOs Poses Risk to Retail Investors

While some analysts believe, ICO is a good thing to invest in, especially if this is a reliable ICO and we are talking about long-term investment options. However, Adena Friedman, Nasdaq CEO, doesn’t think so. Friedman expressed serious concerns regarding ICOs during her speech at the Future of Fintech Conference that took place in New

Will ICOs Come Again to South Korea?

The government of South Korea is planning to make ICOs legal again. The National Assembly of South Korea announced its plans to enhance the legality of ICOs and to study more properly the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. This decision shall cancel the ban that was imposed by the government in September 2017. For now, the Assembly

Capital Group Warns: Do not Invest in ICOs

Capital Group is an American financial service s provider and one of the oldest in the world management organizations. Now, it has prohibited its associates and their family members investing in any ICOs. His ban is based on the upgraded Code of Ethics issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The updated Code of Ethics