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Kyocera, Solar Power Supplier, Will Use Blockchain

Kyocera is a Japanese power supply company. Now, it has partnered with LO3 Energy. The main target of the partnership is to perform the testing of blockchain based virtual power plants, or VVP for short. Their target is to improve the distribution of energy. The news was announced on the 25th of February. The test

Mt. Gox and Its Online Rehabilitation Claim Filing System

Mt. Gox, a sadly famous and now defunct Japanese bitcoin exchange has extended its rehabilitation system to corporate users. It was announced in an official statement that was posted on the exchange on the 13th of September. In the end of August, there was announced the rehabilitation for individual users, now, the exchange has extended

Ministry of Economy in Japan and an IT Giant Will Use Blockchain

New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization is developing a blockchain based data sharing system for trade industry. This is the largest public management organization in Japan, that advocates the development and implementation of new technologies and especially blockchain based technologies. Now, the company is working on the development of the system based on the

Binance Offers Crypto-Fiat Trading via Malta Based Platform

Cryptocurrency exchange announced about its plans to open a crypto-fiat trading option this year. This service will be provided through a Malta-based exchange. For now, Binance is the second largest cryptocurrency exchange based on trading volume per 24 hours. However, Binance representatives still insist, that Binance is a pure cryptocurrency exchange. What`s the matter then?

Japanese Financial Regulator Rejects a License for a Cryptocurrency Exchange – for the First Time!

Japan`s Financial Services Agency has rejected a cryptocurrency exchange for the first time. Yokohama-based FSHO has been denied a license on permanent basis. the exchanges services have been suspended twice already, and this is the third time, which is permanent. The exchange has had several issues, the most serious among them were non sufficient verification