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Ukrainian Parliament Offers Tax Bill for Cryptocurrencies

The parliament of Ukraine, called the The Verkhovna Rada, has proposed a tax bill on cryptocurrencies. The bill was initiated by 23 officials and is suggesting a tax of 5% on individuals and legal entities that perform any kind of operations with cryptocurrencies. However, the tax rate should increase form the 1st of January 2014,

Austrian Financial Authority Calls for Stricter Regulation for ICOs

Austrian Financial Market Authority offers several proposals for tightening the existing regulation for ICOs and cryptocurrencies. The requirements to ICOs will be similar to those of securities. Regarding the financial institutions, for trading foreign cryptocurrencies, they need a mini-bank license, however, for trading cryptocurrencies, there is not such a requirement. During the last year only,

Cryptocurrency Regulation in Germany Will Focus on Market Stability, not on the Individual Interests

Felix Hufeld, the president of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority in Germany, explained the main principles which have become the base for the cryptocurrency regulation in this country. The main role of the legislation isn’t the protection of individual investors, but in the protection of the market stability. The investors, even the biggest ones, shall