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Self-Regulatory Body to Control Crypto in South Africa

While other countries think whether to accept cryptocurrency or to ban it, the South African Reserve Bank is acting. It is on its way to establish a self-regulatory body which tasks will be to control and manage all issues with cryptocurrency and related transactions. The bank itself doesn’t control cryptocurrency for now, but the increasing

Chilean Exchanges Are for Cryptocurrency Regulation

BUDA and Crypto MKT, two major Chilean cryptocurrency exchanges, are seeking clearer cryptocurrency regulation. Their developers and owners came to a conclusion, that a legislation is needed, when they faced some problems with the major banks of the country, when the exchanges accounts were frozen by a number of banks. In their public statement, crypto-exchanges

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes… Russian Investors Have to Pay More

The USA and Russia are trying to get the most out of bitcoin and bitcoin trading. From one side, all is just about legislation that shall regulate cryptocurrency in general and cryptocurrency trading in particular. Poor people will not invest in bitcoin, while rich people can share their wealth little bit with the state. Now,

Turkey Is Against Bitcoin

Bitcoin is not suitable for Turkey, or, rather, for Islam, Turkish government claims. As well as other cryptocurrency, by the way. the reason is so simple that it is even surprising: bitcoin is decentralized, the government cannot control it, hence, the cryptocurrency isn’t suitable for the country. When the government representatives were asked why so,

European financial watchdog latest to warn over ICOs

European Union monetary regulator, the ESMA, has turned into the most recent regulatory body to issue a notice about the risks of getting tied up with — and running — ICOs, otherwise known as the crypto coin raising money instrument that has blasted lately to exploit a clear legal hazy area between issuing ‘software presale