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Li Xiaolai Halts Blockchain-Related Investments

China has banned cryptocurrencies, but there are people who are still handling them. The Chinese tycoon and investor Li Xiaolai has been investing major sums in bitcoin. However, now, he turned his attention to the blockchain-based projects. Li is one of the biggest bitcoin holders in China, and he has claimed recently, that he is

Top Ethereum Decentralized Apps Can Be Blocked

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet and an Ethereum decentralized app. Now, it has blocked one of the most popular app for Ethereum, called 333ETH. The app promises lifeling payments in ethers to all investor wallets after they make an initial down payment. Now, the announcement and the app have attracted a number of scam accusations.

CEO Behind GAW Miners, PayCoin Will Go to Prison

Homero Joshua Garza is known as the CEO of a cryptocurrency firm GAW Miners. He is sentenced for 21 months of imprisoning for defrauding investors. The verdict was announced in the Hartford federal court, for a wire fraud related to creating and scamcoin, PayCoin. The initial suggestions were to imprison the former CEO for 20

Victim`s Telecoms Operator and Millions of Stolen Crypto

Michael Tremplin, an American investor, filed a lawsuit for 224 mln USD against AT&T. He believes, that the major telecom provider gave hackers access to his phone number, and as a consequence, they managed to steal huge sum of money from his wallet, in crypto-coins. Michael Tremplin is a Puerto-Rico based entrepreneur and CEO of