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Mining Malware Epidemic

Ars Technica reported about another cryptojacking, this time, it has affected YouTube. Google resolved this issue during just some weeks, though the fact is there. The reports give the information that hackers have managed to run some ads on YouTube that consume the CPU power of the user and electricity, that are used for cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Scam, False Exchange – South Korea is Concerned

Financial Services Commission, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Ministry of Justice, Fair Trade Commission, Financial Supervisory Commission of South Korea were holding an emergency meeting to discuss the critical state of South Korean market of cryptocurrency. One of the purposes was also to define the main points about regulation and legislation that would regulate

Twitter and Bitcoin – What Is Common?

Twitter and bitcoin – what is common between them? Well, first of all, the topic. Second, bitcoin has grown in price so immensely, that Twitter users even create false stories to boost their popularity. Like: I bought 40,000 of BC in 2010, now am rich and want to spread the wealth. Please chare this and

BitFinex and MtGox – What Is Common

BitFinex is compared with MtGox in the light of the last problems that users have already had. bitFinex community is having serious issues with money withdrawal, to such extend that some observers start mentioning the MtGox in this connection. One more reason for worrying is the connection of Bitfinex and Tether, as some users are

Victims of Confedo Will Be Reimbursed

Initial coin Offering Confedo is a scam, that is already clear. But what shall do those poor investors who have already invested their real money in this virtual scam? KuCoin, a cryptocurrency exchange, has already announced, that they would compensate the victims of the fraudster all losses. After Confedo development team has announced that the

JPMorgan CEO claim bitcoin currency is ‘fraud’

CEO Jamie Dimon said he would terminate any representative exchanging bitcoin for being “idiotic,” anticipating the cryptocurrency will in the long run explode. JPMorgan Pursue and Co. CEO Jamie Dimon said he would terminate any worker exchanging bitcoin for being “doltish.” The cryptocurrency “won’t end well,” he told a financial specialist meeting in New York

Goldmand Sachs and Bitcoin: Truth and Invention

Goldman Sachs, a giant in Wall Street investment activities, has been considering whether to include bitcoin as a currency for its operations, or it is rather too early to do so. The CEO of the investment giant has spoken about bitcoin in a very neutral tone. Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs CEO, explains, that he neither

Securities And Exchange Commission Against ICOs

The SEC has followed through on its notice to ICOs viewing tokenization plots as unregistered securities. The charges were leveled at REcoin and DRC (Precious stone Save Club), both ICOs established by Maksim Zaslavskiy. Real estate coin trick REcoin was initially touted as a coin offered with sponsorship in real estate resources bought with continues