Taxes, Taxes, Taxes… Russian Investors Have to Pay More

The USA and Russia are trying to get the most out of bitcoin and bitcoin trading. From one side, all is just about legislation that shall regulate cryptocurrency in general and cryptocurrency trading in particular. Poor people will not invest in bitcoin, while rich people can share their wealth little bit with the state.
Now, all traders or investors in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have to pay a tax on each kind of income that they get from cryptocoins. As long as the field is regulated, the field is regulated and the taxes shall be paid.
Earlier, if the transactions were performed in cryptocurrency only and the fiat wasn’t involved, taxes were not involved as well.
The traders and investors though aren’t happy. They believe that before imposing tasks the government shall take care of proper security measures and the possibility of performing transactions officially via banks and with security that is working for normal money.

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