Techtradecoin – Decentralized App for Hospitality, E-Commerce and So On

Techtradecoin project, the first platform that is now implementing the transformation process to become a blockchain based infrastructure.
The platform now is working with fields like hospitality, e-commerce, real estate and similar. hence, the new project has not just chances, but it will, most likely, be implemented successfully. The platform has constant clients, and they are ready to try the blockchain based platform for their needs.
For now, the project consists of several infrastructures.
– TecLending is an investment channel. It was developed to make payments to investors their interests related with volatility software and trading bot.
– TecExchange is a trading and coins converting space.
– TecWallet is one of the most secure e-wallets, where investors can keep their tokens.
– TecNews is a news channel.
– TecApp works with hospitality services, retail field, etc.

TEC is the coin of the project. It will be used to make payments among the project infrastructures as well as the potential coin.

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