The First Public Acquisition of Binance is Decentralized Trust Wallet

Binance is a major cryptocurrency exchange, and now, it has made the first public acquisition. What do you think, what is it?

The Decentralized Trust Wallet. The deal details aren`t disclosed, but there is some info, that Binance paid for that with a mixture of fiat money, some bitcoins, and even the own BNB token. The trust wallet will be autonomous, like it was, but Binance will be helping in administering and marketing it.

So, the Binance is going not only to help with marketing, but is going to make the Trust Wallet a default wallet of the Binance exchange. The founder of the Trust Wallet Viktor Radchenko told in his comment that now, they will have enough resources to grow and develop. And this is an advantage.

Trust Wallet has previously announced the registration of their token sale, but then, cancelled it. because of the lack of the normal token regulation in the market. Now, it doesn’t have to sell any tokens at all, as Binance, which is the third-largest exchange in the world, will definitely be useful in the financial sense, as well.

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