The First SIM Swapping Prosecution in New York

The indictment of an individual is announced for stealing identities and funds, including crypto by a Manhattan`s District Attorney.
Dawson Bakies was accused of stealing the identities of more than 50 victims and stealing funds from them. Now Dawson Bakies is charged with grand larceny, identity theft, computer tampering and creation of schemes to defraud. As well, some other charges are indicated in a New York State Supreme Court indictments.
For now, this case is the first prosecution in New York for SIM swapping.
Within the fraudulent scheme the traffic of those victims was directed to iPhones which belonged to Bakies. So, he was able to access some online accounts of three residents of Manhattan, as well as multiple cryptocurrency accounts. He changed the passwords to prevent the victims from accessing their own accounts.
After that, the accused stole around 10,000 USD in cryptocurrency from the accounts of three victims. He himself insists that his crime is just a small handful of all number of those SIM sophisticated SIM swappers.
As well, wireless service providers were warned to take more precautions indicating that they are exposing their customers to massive fraud and identity theft cases.
SIM swapping is one of the identity theft kids. It is about routing the cellular traffic of a victim to the phone of a criminalist. It is done by convincing the cellular service providers to redirect all data of the victim`s cellular to a new SIM that belongs to a criminalist. After getting access to the phone number of the victim, it is possible to use two-factor authentication to access all digital accounts of the victim.


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