The Vietnamese Central Bank Suspends the Import of Crypto-Mining Hardware

The State Bank of Vietnam has announced recently, that it is going to suspend the import of cryptocurrency mining software. About this was announced by the local News Agency Viet Nam News.

The announcement was released after the Ministry of Industry and Trade has requested to temporarily wait with the import of all cryptocurrency mining machines. The import of such machines amounted to 15,600 units during the past year only.

The Deputy Prime Minister has requested the Ministry of Industry and Trade to put it under control, as most of the machines should have been updated according to the current cryptocurrency regulation. Moreover, most of them should be provided with detailed instructions and guidelines about how to manage and operate them.

According to some specialists, the temporary ban and upgrading of the equipment will help to manage the currency flow in Vietnam, as well, as the mining machines and their import make the control process more complicated.

Moreover, in Vietnam, making payments in crypto by passing the national currency is illegal, and mining machines make it possible. For now, Vietnam is trying to protect its citizens from crypto-scams and ICO-scams and developing new rules and regulations that should be applied in the field of cryptocurrency.

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