Tigereum Will Bring Bitcoin to a New Stage

Bitcoin is growing in popularity, it, as well as other cryptocurrencies, becomes regulated and documented. Though, what is really lacking to make it a mass currency, is the smoothness and easiness of management. Though this is something that is characteristic to social networks, like Facebook.
What`s the matter then? Why cryptocurrency, with all those developers that could bring the world to a new stage, cannot have the same smoothness and easiness of managing it?
Tigereum believes that it is time to make any cryptocurrency easy, so easy as sending a message in Facebook, for example.
How to manage that? Just attach money to a message. Tigereum has already developed a prototype messaging bot to test how it shall be.
Tigereum believes that when sending and receiving crypto coins becomes as easy as sending a message, the world will turn to cryptocurrency. Bitcoib itself has been trying to make something similar, but intentions have stayed intentions. While Tigereum users will enjoy all the blockchain benefits with its idea of decentralized system, as well as avoid entering long and confusing names of the wallets.

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