Tim Draper Believes, Bitcoin Legalization Will Improve Argentinian Economy

Tim Draper, a known crypto-bull, has advised the president of Argentina to legalize bitcoin asap. According to the cryptocurrency investor met with the president of Argentina Mauricio Macri to discuss the suggestion.

During the meeting Draper spoke about great potential of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology and of those advantages that the technology can bring to the economy considering the devaluation of Argentinian peso and brain drain associated with the problem.

Draper told that he believes in the blockchain and bitcoin even more than he believes in the internet. He stated as well, that it is the best time to introduce the technology massively to Argentina. This technology, according to Draper, should provide massive changes in the banking system, financial system and commerce.

As well, Draper insists that in 2020, bitcoin price will grow to up 250,000 USD per one coin. He also states, that in five years fiat money are going to be used by criminals only, and normal people would prefer bitcoin, for many reasons.

Let`s remind that Argentina has been very friendly to bitcoin technology recently. The government of Argentina has already launched the co-investment project connected with cryptocurrency. As well, an Argentinian cryptocurrency exchange, LatamEx, will be launched. As well, Argentina is one of those few countries that make deals in bitcoin.

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