Tim Draper: Crypto Will Rule the Financial World, Cash Will Be Used by Criminals Only

Tim Draper, a billionaire investor and a known bitcoin holder insists, that just within as little as five years crypto will become the only legal way to make payments. And fiat money will be used by criminals only.
Tim Draper made these forecasts in his interview with a news TV channel Fox Business, the interview took place on the 18th of February.
He also told, that fiat money will become obsolete within the next five years. To such extent, that only criminals will be using them.
Let us remind that in August 2018 an agent of the USA Drug Enforcement Administration claimed they prefer people using cryptocurrencies because the blockchain allows tracking and identifying criminals.
Draper also said, that he thinks, his money in his bank account is less safe than those his funds that he has invested in bitcoin. He says that till now nobody has managed to attack the blockchain.
Draper was also one of those who claimed bitcoin would grow to 250 000 by 2022. For now, bitcoin really improved its positions in the market, it grew for 7.6 % and now is traded at 3,907 USD per coin

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