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Why trade any financial markets?

Why should anybody trade financial markets at all? Perhaps the most prominent reason is to gain control over their own economic future without limitations to the wealth of their employer or of their national economy.

‘A basic freedom that we have in virtue of living in a capitalistic country is that we are free to speculate on the movement of prices. This freedom does not require any additional justification, such as promoting the interests of commercials. All that is required is that the general public not be harmed and that the market place be organized according to fair rules and procedures.’ – The Rosenthal Report circa 1976

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We have compared the best regulated and non regulated brokers and platforms 2018 and created this top list. Every broker and platform has been personally reviewed by us to help you find the best trading platform for both beginners and experts. The sortable broker comparison list below shows which binary trading sites came out on top based on different criteria.

You can sort the list using payout (maximum returns), minimum deposit, offers or if the operator is regulated or not. You can also read full reviews of each broker, helping you make the best choice. Below the comparison list is some advice on how to pick the best trading platform for you, as this will often come down to your personal requirements and needs.

The cryptocurrency market is more live than ever. If we want to get on the right track right from the beginning, we need to carefully choose our crypto broker. Every broker that offers crypto trading isn’t the same and if one broker meets requirements of one client, it does not mean that it will also meet yours. There are several aspects which we have to think about when we are choosing our cryptocurrency broker.

Crypto brokers – Aspects to consider

Cryptocurrencies we want to trade

Initially, we have to find out whether a broker offers all the cryptocurrencies that we want to trade. Bitcoin, Ethereum and, Litecoin are everywhere, but less popular cryptocurrencies like IOTA, Monero, Zcash, and others might not be offered by every crypto broker. And if we plan to trade them at any point, we have to know whether we will have the possibility.

Leverage – Multiplying our capital

Cryptocurrencies are super volatile and their prices move extremely fast, making it possible for us to generate very good earnings even without using a leverage. If you think that you need to multiply your investment to earn even more, you should ask yourself – what leverage is the appropriate one? Isn’t the way in which cryptocurrencies move enough just as it is? Answer these and choose your crypto broker accordingly.

Negative balance protection – Necessity

You probably do not want to trade with a broker that does not include negative balance protection in the package. This feature will take care of the outcome which could happen when your position is taking heavy losses. You will never be able to lose more than you have invested.

Appropriate capital according to your options

How much do you plan to trade with? Does your crypto broker offer to trade with a small capital? Is it an obstacle for you? Or do you plan to trade in big in order to make that big money? Decide for yourself before you choose your cryptocurrency broker.

Spread – the lower the better

One Ethereum coin can be bought for example for $394.01, but can be sold back for $392.00, the difference of $2.01$ is the spread which crypto brokers charge for providing the possibility to buy or sell cryptocurrencies at any time. Every broker has different spreads on different cryptocurrencies. If you trade Bitcoin and the spread is $18, it is in case you buy the whole coin. But most of us will not buy the whole unit of BTC (the price is around $6 000 now), but just a portion of it. So if you buy BTC worth of $100, the spread will be for you $0,375.