Travel Agensy from Malta accept only Bitcoin Payments

In endeavors to grasp Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies, Gozo, Malta-based travel agency Bitcoin Undertakings has chosen to offer its customers bundle occasions that are paid solely with Bitcoin.

The move has got its initial two sightseers starting at early October, Lovin Malta reports.

In the agency’s limited time video, prime supporter Leon Siegmund said that they plan to advance Bitcoin as a superior type of installment.

“Bitcoin is better money because there is no central bank, no inflation, and no transaction fee involved, and sending money just involves two people and a smartphone. The problem is that nobody uses Bitcoin so nobody thinks it works, and because nobody thinks it works, nobody uses Bitcoin. We are trying to disrupt the status quo here. You can now book an amazing adventure holiday in Gozo and pay with Bitcoin, so the local merchants get more bookings and revenue, and start seeing Bitcoin as better and beautiful banking.”

Malta and Bitcoin

The agency has effectively joined its first since forever visitors under its advancement – Japanese native and infrastructural bolster build Takesho Koide and his significant other. Koide asserted that he needed to visit Malta the minute he saw online photos of the Blue Tidal pond and road autos.

Instead of booking with a standard travel agency, in any case, he and his significant other have taken the kayaking excursion and three-night remain in Gozo offered by Bitcoin Experiences.

As indicated by Koide, the utilization of Bitcoin as installment is progressively getting to be noticeably well known in Japan, as a developing number of retail locations are as of now tolerating Bitcoin as a type of installment.

“Bitcoin payment is becoming popular in Japan, because multiple retail outlets have started to accept Bitcoin payment. If this method is applicable for my future trips, I would like to make use of it as much as possible.”

Malta has dependably been strong of cryptocurrencies, making it one of only a handful few Bitcoin-accommodating nations in Europe. Not long ago, Malta steered a Blockchain-based scholarly endorsement recording system, and gathered its Blockchain counseling board of trustees toward the beginning of September.

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