Two Asia Pacific Conservative Union (APCU) Executives Launch a Blockchain-Based Network to Combat Authoritarianism

Mr. Jikido “Jay” Aeba and Mr. Yasu Kikuta, chairman and CEO/co-founder of the Asia Pacific Conservative Union (APCU), respectively, have launched the Liberty Ecosystem project.
According to these gentlemen, this block-chain based network will be used to fight authoritarianism. In light of the rising political authoritarianism in the world and more specifically in the Asia-Pacific region, the Liberty Ecosystem will function as a “decentralized federation of local advocacy and economic development organizations seeking to combat the rise of uthoritarianism.”
The announcement also mentions that some countries in the region, like China, direct their investments to foreign infrastructure projects for political reasons.
These countries use the economical power to gain political power in the countries in which they invest, thereby reducing their sovereignty. No wonder the Chinese authoritarian government model is nowadays found in less powerful countries like Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Japan, the announcement claims. The announcement explains that the Liberty Ecosystem will utilize “Liberty Tokens,” which leverage. blockchain technology through a forthcoming cryptocurrency to strengthen the power of local organizations that combat authoritarianism.
This will be achieved through the creation of a solid financial infrastructure. For this sake, the Liberty Ecosystem has partnered with Wowoo, which is another token economy ecosystem.

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