UK Public Transportation Collaborates with Crypto-Startup

Go Ahead Group, a major provider or public transportation means in the
UK, is introducing a tokenized rewards system for customers who are using rail-transportation.
For now, according to the FTSE 250 data, Go Ahead provides more than 1 bln rail and bus trips in the UK yearly. This is one of the biggest bus service operators in London, and the entire percentage of all UK train trips number is 30%.
Now, the company is launching a blockchain based rewards platform. The scheme is going to reward the transportation users for sharing their trip data and will put the main focus on the first and the last leg commuters` trips.
Krasina Mileva, the co-founder of DOVY, the native ERC-20 token, that is going to be used for rewards, has suggested that the system provides Go-Ahead with useful data that is going to influence positively on the efficiency and the services improving.
For now, DOVU is participating as a finalist in the accelerator scheme of Go Ahead. The focus of the project is to develop the innovative proof-of-concept and scaling solutions for the transportation industry.
DOVU has already had experience in similar system. It has been partnered with BMW, a major automotive manufacturer, in developing a tokenized rewards system rewarding drivers for tracking mileage on the vehicles that they were leasing.
Go Ahead is not the only transportation company that is going to use the tokenizing system for their purposes. As it was reported before, the major German railway operator Deutsche Bahn has made a partnership with Unibright, a blockchain integration platform, to explore whether the application of its tokenizing system could bring any advantages to the company. The main idea is to determine whether the solution could cut operational costs of the transportation company.

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