Ukraine Wants Own Digital Currency

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has announced that they are considering introducing of digital hryvnia, though that will not be cryptocurrency, it will not be connected on blockchain, at least, in the nearest future.
At the moment the leaders of the banking system, including the NBU, are studying the options of digital hryvnia creation, as a part of the Cashless Economy Project.
The NBU accentuates that they mean digital currency, which is different from cryptocurrency. In future though it is possible that digital hryvnia may turn into crypto hryvnia.
These talks are contrasting with the Russian wish to create a crypto0rouble, national cryptocurrency based on the Blockchain technology.
The northern neighbour of Ukraine, Belarus, doesn’t hurry neither with digital nor with crypto currency, though they declare that they will de their best to create a crypto-friendly zone by legalizing crypto-exchanges and facilitating their work within the territory of the country.

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