US Congressman Offers to Introduce a Bill That Would Support Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies

Tom Emmer, a US Congressman, is going to introduce three bills. They should provide support to the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
The three bills are called already “Resolution Supporting Digital Currencies and Blockchain Technology”. “Blockchain Regulatory Certainty Act” and “Safe Harbor for taxpayers with Forked Assets Act”.
The legislation is targeted to support the development of the blockchain technology and provide safety for those who pay taxes on cryptocurrencies and “forked” digital assets.
The bill is going to encourage the government for the creation of safe and simple legal environment, that would provide opportunities rather than impose fines.
Emmer has taken the position of a chairman of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus, which is a platform that was created to provide the collaboration environment for industries and the USA government. As well, it is going to be used to examine the blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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