Victim`s Telecoms Operator and Millions of Stolen Crypto

Michael Tremplin, an American investor, filed a lawsuit for 224 mln USD against AT&T. He believes, that the major telecom provider gave hackers access to his phone number, and as a consequence, they managed to steal huge sum of money from his wallet, in crypto-coins.

Michael Tremplin is a Puerto-Rico based entrepreneur and CEO of TransformGroup. He is as well a co-founder of a group of bitcoin investors and a digital currency fund. No, he claims that he has lost 224 mln USD in cryptocurrency after the hacking attack.

He filed a 96-pages complaint to a Californian Court, where he mentioned two major theft episodes. AT&T, which subscriber he has been, didn’t managed to protect his identity, and as the result, hackers could get access to his financial data and have stolen a huge sum of money.

Specialists believe, he fell a victim of so-called SIM swapping process, when a telecom provider transfers the target`s phone number to a SIM card held by the attacker. That allows even to handle the two-factor identification. SIM swapping is a very easy thing to perform and has become a very popular scam. Cryptocurrency accounts are its main target.


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