View poll results: young Americans are more interested in crypto-currencies and ICO

Young Americans are more interested in crypto-currencies than other age groups. This was clarified as a result of a recent poll conducted by the LendEDU advisory service in late October, during which 1,000 US citizens were interviewed. The survey dealt with Ethereum and Ripple tokens (XRP).
With the help of the survey, the service tried to find out whether people have heard about Ethereum and XRP and whether they are going to invest in crypto-currencies.
31.6% of respondents heard about Ethereum, and 18.2% plan to invest in it; while 22.2% have heard of XRP, and 14.8% intend to purchase some amount of crypto currency.
About a third of respondents aged 18 to 44 years planned to invest in Ethereum, and the other third – no. The last third could not decide the answer.
A much smaller proportion of adults aged 45 and older planned to invest in Ethereum, with approximately 89-98 percent of respondents saying that they either do not intend to invest in crypto-currencies, or have not yet decided.
The last survey of respondents also asked about their attitude towards the ICO. About a quarter of respondents heard about this model of financing, and 75.1 percent – no. But, even those who heard about the ICO were not completely sure how this works.

LendEDU commented on the poll results:
“In our September survey, we found that 10.69 percent of Americans believed that owning bitcoin was illegal in the United States. In our October survey, we found that 21.00 percent of respondents believe that investing in an initial coin offering is illegal.
And, 61.10 percent of respondents were unsure about the legality of investing in an initial coin offering.”

However, 15.1% of respondents said they plan to invest in ICO.

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