Walmart Is Going to Implement Blockchain Based Delivery Service

The blockchain technology doesn’t cause any doubts. More and more companies are implementing it in different fields, for different purposes. Walmart is one of such companies that is going to use the advantages of the blockchain for its delivery service system.

The new system is called “Smart Package” and the technology is submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office. The patent is pending. The idea is to implement a blockchain based tool to track the packages. The new device is to be used in unmanned drones and autonomous vehicles. Walmart doesn’t use them yet, though, judging from the move, is going to use them as soon as their tracking technology is patented and introduced in the market.

The idea of the blockchain is that the system will have the buyer private key address, the currier private key address, the seller private key address. The data will be recorded in the blockchain, and like this, the trading giant hopes to provide the highest level of security in the system of package delivery. No need to mention that for now, there are no similar systems in the world.

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