Warren Buffett Is Against Bitcoin

Warren Buffet, the Berkshire Hathaway CEO, believes, that bitcoin is nothing more but a delusion. He said, that it attracts charlatans and nobody knows in reality what the top cryptocurrency is.
Buffet is known as a bitcoin critic. He has already expressed his opinion about the most popular cryptocurrency insisting that investing in bitcoin is gambling, and nothing more than gambling.
When he was asked recently if he has changed his opinion about the bitcoin, he told, that no. And he insisted again in his speech, that bitcoin has no unique value at all. Even the blockchain doesn’t depend on bitcoin.
However, Buffet agrees that nobody knows where the society is going to be the next year. And he feels empathy with those people who have decided to invest in bitcoins.
In May previous year Buffet has already told, that he believes, that cryptocurrencies are not going to have a good ending. And he claimed, that bitcoin is probably rat poison squared.
However, many specialists believe that technology is not the strongest competence of Buffet, hence, his words might be not so reliable as many believe.

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