Will Amazon Accept Bitcoin?

There were rumours, that Amazon is going to accept bitcoin as one of the payment currencies, moreover, that this will happen in October this year.

Yep, that would change many things, for bitcoin as well.

We would admit that the company has good financial reasons for adding this cryptocurrency in its list, though the representatives of Amazon hasn’t confirmed yet if that would happen or not.

There is a good base for these rumours though. If we remember that such companies as Paypal, for example, already work with cryptocurrencies, in particular, with bitcoin, and Google API brought many to the thought that bitcoin will be accepted as a payment currency by Google Store, then, most likely, other companies will follow their example.

The next earnings conference call for the Amazon employees will be performed on the 26th of October, that is why many investors and analytics expect, that the bitcoin move will be made then as well.

At the moment though we shall admit that this is just a rumour, though, as the public interest to the cryptocurrency is growing, and bitcoin is becoming more and more popular, Amazon will have to integrate the digital currency sooner or later.


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