Will Blockchain Become Obsolete: Opinion from Geopolitical Analysts

George Friedman, a geopolitical analysts, believes, that one day, the blockchain technology will become obsolete. He believes, that the blockchain one day will be decrypted, however, he doubts whether it is going to be done by the USA, Russian or Chinese intelligence services.
Why then the blockchain is becoming more and more popular now? It is easy, Friedman believes. The blockchain technology is something from which a particular layer of people profits, that is why, such claims are being made now.
For example, the US National Security Agency is able now to locate bitcoin users around the world, with the help of a special system. However, the FBI announced, that they were unable to crack more than 7 800 devices, and this was needed for an investigation to move on, the devices were encrypted and most of them were simply not accessible. So, everything is just the matter of time, efforts, and technology development.

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