Zero-Fee Trading App Is Launched by a Crypto-Asset Brokerage and Uber

A crypto-asset brokerage has revealed its plans to launch a zero-fee app for trading. The new platform has a target to provide all investors a safe location for trading and managing of their assets across the multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. No fees and minimums for orders are planned.

Voyage, the mentioned crypto-asset brokerage, is a software that enjoys popularity with banks and brokers operating in traditional markets. Special algorithms are used to execute orders and buy/sell the assets, to make the actions fast and exact.

The CEO of Voyager, Stephen Ehrlich, believes, that cryptocurrency is going to rule the financial world of the future generations, hence, working in this field has its perspectives and is highly promising.

The new app, that is being developed and tested now, is going to unite trading alerts, social media feeds and news, all together that will inform the investors about the perspectives of investing and make their trading more productive.

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